Jack Doyles


& Restaurant

18 Midleton Street, Cobh

The Top of The Bill,
On Top of The Hill
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The Top of The Bill,

On Top Of The Hill

Jack Doyle’s Bar & Restaurant, much like it’s namesake, is a fun, entertaining and above all charming business located right in the centre of Cobh’s famous Top of The Hill district.


Named after local legend Jack Doyle, who throughout his life was known as a Boxer,  a singer, an actor and a ladies man. Doyle was famous for having an incredible knock out punch and an outstanding singing voice, selling out sporting stadiums and music halls alike. Not one to stick to just one thing Doyle also tried his hand at acting, appearing in a number of films and creating legendary Hollywood stories with the like of Errol Flynn & Clarke Gable.


This establishment is similar to Doyle in the sense that it doesn’t just do one thing well. It possesses the cosy atmosphere of a small town bar, while also being spacious enough to host parties. 


Famous for it’s fun and inviting staff, this bar has been owned and run by Ger & Catherine Curley for 15 years. In the past year the atmospheric Pub opened itself up to being a Restaurant as well, quickly becoming one of Cobh’s most popular casual dining experiences. 


The addition of the restaurant and it’s mouth watering menu has brought a new energy to this bar that is bringing in both locals and tourists alike, making this Bar & Restaurant a must visit attraction in the beautiful and historic town of Cobh.





Drinks of all description to quench your thirst as you take in your surroundings and enjoy the atmosphere.

Why not order an Irish Coffee or a Baileys Coffee to enjoy after your food.

Or if you feel inclined, ask for Cork's Own Murphys or Beamish and have it poured to perfection


Jugs of Rockshore & Rockshore light for 12euro

Jugs of Sex on The Beach & Woo Woo Cocktails for 25euro.


Saturday Feb 12th:

80's Vs. 90's night w/ DJ SEANY K

Sunday Feb 13th:

Paul Hannon

jds 80's v 90s.jpg


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